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Finnish ”erikoishammasteknikko” can be translated as ”a denturist” or ”a clinical dental technician” (CDT)

Erikoishammasteknikkoliitto ry (EHTL), the registered Union of Denturists in Finland, was established on 1979. It has 320 members. That is 90% of all the leagaliced denturists in Finland. The Union is a member of the IFD; the International Federation of Denturists / European Committee.
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The Union provides its members with all kind of practical help, education and advice to help them in their profession.

Mr. Ilkka Garaisi, D.D. is the President of the Union since 2012.   +358 40 5600400

See other boardmembers on page ”Hallitus” and members in Union on page ”Erikoishammasteknikot” assorted by the names of town or commun.